Graduate Programs

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Graduate Student Fellows

In Fall 2021 the Citrin Center initiated its Fellows Program, created to recruit promising scholars in public opinion research to UC Berkeley.  The Graduate Admissions Committee for the Charles and Louise Travers Department of Political Science identified outstanding applicants with the relevant interests to be Citrin Fellows. Fellows are provided with a $2000 research grant to help launch their research.

Graduate Student Research Awards

The Citrin Center is pleased to award a number of research grants to UC Berkeley Political Science graduate students studying public opinion every academic year. The total number of awards will be determined by demand, available funds, and the quality of the submitted proposals.

  • 2022-2023 Graduate Research Award Winners:
    • Rebekah Jones: “Do Different: Crime Politics and the Third Dimension of Justice” (Link)
    • Evelyn Kim: “Status Discordance: The Trend and Political Implications of Disappointed Socioeconomic Expectation”
  • 2021-2022 Graduate Research Award Winners:
    • Jacqueline Colao: “Voter Learning in US Congressional Primaries” (Link)
    • Anna Mikkelborg: “Getting to the “Heart” of White Democrats’ Racial Liberalism: The Emotional Substrates of Liberal Racial Attitudes and Their Effects on Political Mobilization” (Link)
    • Alan Yan: “Can Working Class Solidarity Reduce Racial Prejudice?” (Link)
  • 2019 Graduate Research Award Winners:
    • Matt Brundage: “Survey Experiments on Income Inequality and Relative Deprivation”
    • Sean Freeder: “The Role of Political Correctness in Elite Communication”
    • Elizabeth Mitchell: “All the Wrong Reasons: The Role of Justifications in Political Behavior”
    • Rhea Myerscough: “Does Public Opinion on Payday Lending Vary by Racial Group?”

The maximum award amount is $1000. Awarded amounts may be less than requested. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis each academic year until funds are no longer available for that year. Money will be given to students as a stipend upon award.

Eligibility: Applicants must be enrolled in the UC Berkeley Charles and Louise Travers Department of Political Science and can be at any stage of the PhD process. Students are eligible to receive a grant once during their graduate studies.

Applications (no more than 2 pages) should include:

  1. Research description (including project title, research questions, hypotheses, brief literature review and research design/methods)
  2. Budget (describe specifically how the funds will be used)
  3. Optional Appendix – survey instrument or other materials (not included in the 2-page limit)

Each awardee is required to submit a brief report on the research project no later than one year after funding is received, along with a memo detailing how Citrin Center funds were used. The report should include a one-page summary of the study’s objective, design, and major findings, suitable for posting on the Citrin Center website.

Please direct any questions to Professor Amy Lerman.

We are currently accepting applications for 2023-2024:
Click HERE to apply.


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