Fall 2022 Newsletter

Dear Friends of the Citrin Center,

This month marks the end of the Center’s first five years and thanks to your support we have gradually expanded the scope of our programming, our collaboration with other research units on the Berkeley campus, and our support of graduate students. 

A Review of Events

In 2021-22 we sponsored 8 diverse programs touching on free speech, reapportionment, racial and ethnic politics, and direct democracy. These programs are listed below and more details, including access to the slides of presentations, are available on the Events tab of website at https://citrincenter.berkeley.edu

During the height of the pandemic, events were accessed through Zoom, but the most recent two events of Spring 2022 were in-person. While electronic access had the advantage of expanding the potential audience for events, it sacrificed the quality of intellectual exchange provided by personal interaction and also diminished opportunities for students, faculty, and the broader campus community to meet and talk with distinguished speakers. It is our intention therefore to return to in-person events for most occasions.

  • The Bitter End: The 2020 Presidential Campaign and the Challenge to American Democracy – April 29, 2022
    • John Sides
  • (Why) Are Democrats Losing the Latino Vote? – April 19, 2022
    • Amanda Iovino, Anais Lopez, Mike Madrid, David Shor, David Broockman (Chair)
  • Redistricting, Gerrymandering, and the 2022 Congressional Election – March 3, 2022
    • Peter Miller, Sarah Sadwhani, Christopher Warshaw, David Carrillo (Chair)
  • Legal and Constitutional Protections for Free Speech in Academia in the U.S., U.K., and Canada – February 11, 2022
    • Erwin Chemerinsky, Eric Kaufmann, Nadine Strossen, Keith Whittington
  • The 2020 Census and the Future of America – November 4, 2021
    • Jennifer Hochschild, Richard Alba, Karthick Ramakrishnan, Rodney Hero, Gabriel Lenz (Chair)
  • The 2021 Citrin Award Lecture:  How Black Lives Matter Influenced the 2020 Presidential Election – October 7, 2021
    • Diana Mutz
  • Post-Mortem:  Should the Recall be Recalled or Reformed? – September 24, 2021
    • Shirley Weber, Eleni Kounalakis, Jessica Levinson, Thad Kousser, Joshua Spivak, David Carrillo (Chair)
  • California Votes:  The Effort to Recall Governor Gavin Newsom – September 10, 2021
    • Seema Mehta, Manuel Pastor, Mark DiCamillo, Katie Merrill (Chair)

Student Support

Our support for students now includes $2000 research grants to outstanding incoming members of Berkeley’s Political Science Graduate Program with a primary interest on public opinion and political psychology. There are three such Citrin Graduate Fellows in residence now: Matthew Easton (2021) and starting this Fall (2022) John Konicki and Christian Caballero. 

In addition, all students in the graduate program are encouraged to apply for research grants of up to $1000 to assist them in their work. Last year these students applied for their research projects:

  • Jacqueline Colao: “Voter Learning in US Congressional Primaries”
  • Anna Mikkelborg: “Getting to the “Heart” of White Democrats’ Racial Liberalism: The Emotional Substrates of Liberal Racial Attitudes and Their Effects on Political Mobilization”
  • Alan Yan: “Can Working Class Solidarity Reduce Racial Prejudice?”


Planning is well underway for this year’s programming and the following events already are scheduled so you can mark your calendars.

Sept. 28, 2022New Perspectives on Race and Public Opinion
Oct. 13, 2022G. Elliot Morris talks about his new book Strength in Numbers, with a panel discussion of the dilemmas in political polling.  
Nov. 10, 20222022 Midterms: A Postmortem
Jan. 20, 2023Citrin Center Conference: Misinformation and Its Consequences For American Democracy
Feb. 10, 2023Citrin Award Lecture: Donald P. Green, J.W. Burgess Professor of Political Science, Columbia University.

As usual, you will be receiving timely notifications about how to register and full information about the speakers. We very much hope you will join us in person or follow on the website.

Thank you in advance for your continued support. The Citrin Center is funded solely by donations from its friends and this generosity has made possible the growth of our activities.

Gabriel Lenz,
Chair, Faculty Executive Committee