California Redistricts for the Next Decade

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May 7, 2021, 1-5, PDT

Every ten years, based upon the census, states redraw lines for congressional and state legislative seats; some win, some lose. This intensely political process was delayed and reshaped this year by the global pandemic. By the end of April, the relevant data will be released and the second California Citizens Redistricting Commission will go to work. It must confront the potential loss of a congressional seat, changes to the Voting Rights Act, defining communities of interest, and new rules governing how incarcerated individuals will be geographically assigned, among other issues.

Session 1   How Has California Changed in the Last Decade? Will a Pandemic-Collected Census Reflect This Accurately? How will the commission respond and how does delayed census data affect the election calendar? (1-2:45pm)

  • Overview and The New Demographic Context

Session 2 Translating Data into Districts: Reflections on the Last Redistricting Cycle and a Discussion of the Unique Challenges and Opportunities Facing the NewCommission (3-4:45pm)

    • Cynthia Dai, CEO, Dainamic Consulting and Former Commissioner, California Citizens Redistricting Commission
    • Paul Mitchell, Vice President, Political Data Inc. – Slides
    • Samuel Wang, Professor of Neuroscience, Princeton and Founder, Princeton Gerrymandering Project – Slides
    • Moderator: Seema Mehta, Political Writer, Los Angeles Times

Co-sponsored with the California Constitution Center


Jack Citrin Center for Public Opinion Research
UC Berkeley
The Charles and Louise Travers Department of Political Science
798 Social Sciences Building #1950
Berkeley, CA 94720-1950